Pillow Best Option In Travel.

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    Neck pillows are designed to support your head when it is vertical but when we sleep in our bed, our head is horizontal, so this is why it is so hard to sleep in Economy Class.
    This Travel Pillow provides 5 Modes of Comfort including the conventional neck pillow function we call Dozing Mode (1). Traditional neck pillows are designed to provide comfort when your head is vertical. That's not how we naturally sleep!
Once you become familiar with the adjustability of theTravel Pillow you can switch between positions a little like tossing around in your bed before you settle on your final sleeping position.
    Modes 4 & 5 in particular, enable the person in front, to put their seat all the way back without bothering you and because your seat is upright you don't bother the person behind you. The quick adjust mechanism allows you to instantly pack the it back to its default neck pillow position (Mode 1) to allow those next to you to get out or for you to receive your meal/drink service.
    The pillow allows you so many more comfort positions, many of which supporty your head horizontally.
We recommend watching each of these videos and before your trip, practice using 
We have found the quicker you can adjust your position, the quicker your can find your ultimate sleep position. The best replicates being in the comfort of your own bed.